About Us

Welcome To Anamay Herbal Enterprises

Anamay Herbal Enterprise is exponentially evolving with great minds of proactive Professionals, Doctors, and Botanists. These highly skilled personnel constantly strive to discover the priceless properties of the herbs available in the beautiful nature and biologically transform such herbs into dietary supplements ensuring that the herbal properties are intact during transformation.

Our Manufacturing units are well-equipped and comply with the minimum standards laid out by the Govt. of India.

Anamay Herbal makes it prefatory necessity to obtain its botanicals from established farmers growing herbs by complying organic standards. Anamay Herbal procures constituents from standard sources that strictly comply with standards and protocols outlined by the Indian Government.

Our Herbal Product Division offers a diverse basket of over 10 products aimed at naturally preventing and completing the dietary deficiency nutrition.

The products are scattered across various segments; gynecology, diabetes, kidney ailments, and pain management.

Corporate ethics

As a responsible corporate citizen, we commit to deliver quality product ethically to our customers without compromising the ecology, environment, and human lives.