Our Team

The people who work at Anamay share the vision and values of our organization. Meticulously built & nurtured, Anamay is product of talent, Creativity & Pro activeness. Anamay is lovingly built and maintained by these fine folks; dynamic and professional.

Dr. Sapna Biswas

Sapna , an university gold medallist, planted the seed of Anamay Herbal as Director of Research in November 2016, on secondment from WeWorks.

Prior to joining the Herbal industry, Sapna graduated in Botany and has worked in pharmaceutical industry and Education sector in India. Sapna was also associated with NASA on a short term project.

Sapna brings in loads of vigour and decade of experience from her research work extensively carried out in the field of immunology that rewarded her the doctorate degree. She has been honoured with numerous awards at the national level.

Avishek Ghosh

Avishek joined Anamay herbals in May 2018 as Distribution Head .Avishek joins us on secondment from the IT industry and brings loads of experience of medium scale digital transformation and distribution Channel management, product branding & promotion in the private sector. Avishek has worked within multinational, complex organisation undergoing significant change – LTI , Welllive.

Arun Biswas

Arun is an veteran in the jewellery industry , a fine craftsman predominantly in diamond studded gold jewellery has acquired profound knowledge of herbs through array of traditional books from herbal vertical and brings his 3 decades of experience on purification techniques to further enhance the efficacy of herbs. An avid reader having penchant for plants and their medicinal properties actively contributes towards the formulation of products using traditional techniques.

Arup Biswas

Arup , together with Sapna has conceptualised Anamay Herbal and transformed it into an corporate entity in 2018. As a founder, Arup oversees the execution and operations at Anamay Herbals by providing directions and exercising controls , formulating strategies and monitors deviations.

Arup graduated as a computer engineer and has decade of experience in the IT industry. Arup received his masters in management in Information systems from Mumbai university.