Director's Desk

Director's Desk

Greetings and welcome to Anamay Herbal Enterprise(AHE)-Kolkata Anamay Herbal was incorporated in the year 2017, with an aim to restore human faith in herbs by delivering the best quality product responsibly through innovation and meet the needs of the ever-growing healthcare sector. Ever since then the organisation have had constantly strived and produced outstanding herbal formulations with the help of research personnel, scientist & academicians.

The organisation is to be operationally functional from transient temporary building on 1000 sq.ft land site at Bandel starting December 2019. Located in the remotes of Kolkata,in nature’s lap ,Anamay Herbal foresee to offer several experiential learning opportunities for its core team through research work on herbal formulation chosen wisely and innovate product with unique combination of herbs . Here we believe that developing innovative products, responsibly, begins with nurturing compassion, respect, and academic integrity. Quality is one of our core values, and we continuously strive to achieve the best by meeting all the stringent guidelines of the quality standards.

The radiance in formulation of products and research activities comes from the vigilant selection of herbs, purifying using primordial techniques stated in the ancient books of Ayurveda in which Anamay Herbal has not made any compromise. With these exceptional herbs, purification procedures and unique formulation the organisation motivates its team to achieve the highest quality standards of excellence in their products. With its enthralling team of sharp minds, Anamay Herbal is gradually gripping on growth and development.

I am glad to share that we have managed to formulate products at competitive cost to address the health problems developed among woman due to unhealthy lifestyle.

We aim to collaborate with individuals in field of research and this would be the backbone of our growth strategy. I am quite convinced that with the dynamic teamwork of our founders, staff, employees, stakeholders, research personnel and customers we shall achieve the new heights at Anamay Herbal.

Dr. Sapna Biswas

Director | Anamay Herbal